The Experimental Lab comprises 39 work slots, with wood separators, and equipped with individual computers; computers are connected to a network to facilitate the study of interactions. 7 boxes allow to study the behavior of subjects in full isolation from the external stimuli.

1/ Tobii Eye Tracker X2-60

A eye tracker is a sophisticated device attached to a screen that tracks and records where people look and how they move their gaze. With software you can analyze, visualize and interpret this information in multiple ways. You will get rich, quantitative and reliable data for attention, mental load and arousal. It is possible to combine eye tracking videos with other sources like FaceReader or data acquisition systems with Observer XT.

Such a device is available in the Data Lab. Please contact the lab manager for more information about the device or to use it.

2/ Noldus FaceReader + Observer XT

FaceReader is a complete facial expression analysis software. FaceReader automatically analyzes 6 basic facial expressions (happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, angry), as well as neutral and contempt. It also calculates gaze direction, head orientation, and person characteristics.

XT Observer allows to code behavior in an accurate and quantitative way. It integrates video, audio, eye tracking and more. It calculates statistics and assess reliability.

These two softwares are available in the Data Lab. Please contact the lab manager for more information about them or to use them.

3/ Sona Systems

The SONA system is used by researchers in marketing.

If you are unfamiliar with the SONA program or are looking for help with a specific topic read over the following walkthroughs. If after reading the appropriate documents you are still having difficulty please contact the lab manager.

SONA Systems Guide - For researcher

SONA Systems Guide - For participant

4/ Ztree

z-Tree (Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments) is a software tool for experimental economics. The software package allows researchers to develop and to carry out economic experiments. In the program features that are needed in most experiments are generally defined. Among them are communication between computers, data saving, time display, profit calculation and tools for screen layout. A further strength of the program lies in its versatility: it can be used for a wide range of experiments such as public good experiments, structured bargaining experiments or markets - including double auctions and Dutch auctions. Moreover, experiments can easily be composed and combined.

The program is also user-friendly. Experimenters without programming knowledge can also easily use it. New experiments can be developed with low marginal effort. A public good experiment, for instance, can be programmed within an hour, a double auction within a day. After some experience, developing a new experiment does not take much more time than to write the instructions.

For more information about ztree, please contact the lab manager.

5/ Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an easy and sophisticated online survey software tool built for researchers.

For more information about Qualtrics, please contact the lab manager.