Run an experiment

Lab experiment procedure

All experimental/behavioral studies to be run at the ESSEC Lab or with ESSEC resources are subject to approval by the Dean for Research of ESSEC Business School.

PhD students that seek to run a lab experiment must also provide the formal approval of their PhD Supervisor.

1st Step : Request Ethical Approvement.  Please follow the Procedure for Ethical Review.

2nd Step: Contact the Lab Manager to develop and schedule your experiment.

Survey studies procedure

Sometimes you may want to run surveys in order to collect data for your research projects.

In the meeting on April 23, 2013, the Scientific Committee called attention to the fact that this tool should be handled with extreme care, in order to avoid tensions, would-be conflicts of interest, and excessive depletion of the scarce resource that are survey participants.

Three things that should be kept in mind when running a survey based study:

In particular, PhD/Master thesis supervisors should make sure that students working under their supervision comply with these principles.

Please see the new retroplanning & procedures for standard, eye-tracking and Sona experiments here.

Contact Lab Manager, Marie if you have any questions.