Welcome to the ESSEC Behavioral Research Lab

The ESSEC Behavioral Research Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory dedicated to the study of human behavior in a controlled environment. Research is primarily conducted in the fields of behavioral marketing, behavioral management, behavioral OR and experimental economics.

The Lab is available for use by all ESSEC faculty members and PhD students.

Occasionally we can run experimental studies on behalf of external scholars, under a research agreement with the K-Center.

Furthermore, ESSEC scholars can use the Lab to address applied research projects on behalf of firms, organisations and policymakers (willingness-to-pay, choice, incentive, information, performance, etc.) under a consulting agreement.

The new premises of the Experimental Lab opened in December 2015 as a key component of the ESSEC K-Lab on the ESSEC Campus in Cergy. The Experimental Lab comprises 39 work slots, with wood separators, and equipped with individual computers; computers are connected to a network to facilitate the study of interactions. 7 boxes allow to study the behavior of subjects in full isolation from the external stimuli.